filtered at school

Just wondering, i was trying to get in at school and “Bess” filtered it, claiming it was a porno site. ???


Haha! Bess. Bess blocks pretty much everything, so it’s not’s fault. Yell at bess.

Some things to try:

go to altavista and tell it to translate that page from japanese to english. This old trick used to work at my school (until they fixed it). Hmm, I don’t remember the other tricks right now, but we had a few.

porno site :-? ?


and mine, im at college now!!!

I’m going to check it out, maybe I can solve it


I doubt that the problem lies within Actually, I think bess filters out anything with “games”. Because your only supposed to look at research at school or something. It also blocks most web email sites, cause they dont want you checking email.


The site say’s it’s under a redesign. Also try using opera or mozilla instead of MS IE.

Nerd dogs…surely the cost of making blender open source is $100,000
so it’s not pricless :-p

And i don’t think schools give the option of variety of browsers


I sent a “review” of the site in, and told it to remove it from their lists.

Filtering software is stupid…

And saluk, it would have called it “games” not “porno” if that had been the case. might have something to do with his server…


Mine does