Yo blenderfreaks i’m thinking to start a what are you thinking of it justy tell me Idea’s or commens let me know. (i’m not 100% sure if i will going to start the site but any one how want’s to is welcome. Blender games your world, your rules! wes1

good idea! :slight_smile:

yeah, its a good idea, go for it. I started a site, but didnt get very far. I dont really have time to update a site.

-It’s a good idea.It would be nice to include in it a section where we can find ready features(python or not) for our Games.(maybe what Pubblisher needs to be really commercial) .

yes, great idea! :stuck_out_tongue:

> Blender games your world, your rules

…It’s true.

The Creator will be removed the game-engine, but we can download Creator2.23 and web Plug-in, and use it.

I think your idea is cool.

does that mean that in future versions of creator there will be no game engine anymore?

if that’s true,now that sucks!

can anyone here say definitely wether this is just a rumour or true? i think many people need to know this, because if it where true, we do not need to waste our time in developing games and especially web sites (plugin) when the game engine is a dead end.

if blender game engine is dead i kill the hole NaN crew, And I will be standing I one our in there offiche In amsterdam, becouse I live the Netherlands to( I warning NaN don’t do it) wes1

Well if you read ton’s statement than you’ll know nothing is set yet.

anyway,we can’t let that happen.

Where can I read ton’s statement?


It is in the News section. It is the NaN announcement.