Blenderguru Competition Entry - Swamp scene

Here is a WIP of my entry for the blenderguru open movie remix contest:

The Idea is that Sintel is a lone figure in a big spooky swamp with the only light coming from her (not yet existing;)) lantern.

I am not yet sutisfied with the water and the fog mainly, so any tips on these would be very nice.
Feel free to critizise :wink:

Looks promising but you should add some additional lighting like some fireflies or shining clouds or even moonlight. Also some volumetric lighting could add to the image. Water shouldn’t be that clean - add branches, little plants or anyhitng else there. The fog would look more believable if it wasn’t homogeneous but denser or less dense in some places. The bridge could use some more modeling - any variation will help - break some of the planks, leave out some, make parts fallen to the swamp… And I think you should add an environment - it’ll help your water so that it has something to reflect. The moon would be nice I think because it could be reflected in the swamp. Finally I’d suggest adding some color corrections and shifting colours to blueish tones. Looking forward to seeing the final image.

Thanks for you critique, helped me a lot :slight_smile:
heres the updated vesion:

Looks good. I think the water needs a bit of displacement though and a bit of transparency too perhaps.