BlenderGuru Contest Nature’s Fury

Hi all!

This is my work in progress for last BlenderGuru Contest.

This is a low res image. What do you think?



I know it isn’t photorealistic, but i like this flat prospective. The moon is big, i know, but if i make it too small the scene became too dark and lose all hopes of salvation.
It isn’t perfect, but the perfection it’s impossible to have, there is always something to tweak.

Final 1000 samples:


Hope you like it! :wink:

I know there is a thread ongoing about a night scene of a volcano, but you probably are looking at that already. One thing I see, is the full Moon. Because of the way that the Moon, Sun and Earth move about, the full Moon will only appear at the Earth’s horizon if the Sun is there also (on the opposite side, of course). Looking at where the moon is, I would guess your scene is taking place during twilight, which it is not. Moving the Moon a bit higher in the sky should fix it.

Overall it looks pretty good so far, I like the clouds, but they might be a bit small.

Well, in general it looks nice, BUT I would make the moon not so bright,because it lokks like the flash. Also the smoke should be more transparent, because it looks like dust.
I don’t understand why we can see the smoke on the right only. I would show it at the center, also if there is a wind-show it on the grass.

i dont think the moon matters that much since most people don’t know or pay attention to celestial movement. however, i feel like both the volcano and the moon are the focal point to the piece, and my eye isn’t sure which to focus on. maybe make the moon into more of a background object

Looks very good to me , would love to see the hi res later on. I think the moon should be more redish like the Sun when it raises. I think also a redish moon (not too red) would fit the general mood.

Here is an example

I agree that there are two focal points - possible furious nature solution? CRACK the moon! I love that the fire trail leads the eye to the moon, but it is very competitive for attention.

I’m actually a fan of the thick ash and the wind blown stylistic nature of the rightward-heavy plume but I say that carefully; it seems illustrative and stylized, not realistic to me.

The bunnies - great! My only concern is the scale. At the far edge of the river, the trees look teeny, up the volcano, they look disproportionately small like grass. Perhaps force perspective with taller trees at the water’s edge and enhance the scale with a dock or abandoned hut? Overall, very strong image!


Good job, I like this image !

Overall looks nice! The mayor problem, same as the one i have in my scene for the bg competition (i personally gave up on improving that…), is the smoke: don’t have fine/“realistic” details. If you can succeed in that you will have a ten times better image.
A much easier thing: you can do smaller water waves, right now to me they look very big compared to the trees.

I already tried some tips, they had mention. But trying, i realized that the image was fine. If i add some of the change they had mentioned, the image change radically and lose that atmosphere.
Thanks anyway for your support!

This is the final composite node!