BlenderGuru's Doughnut Homework - First ever personal artwork

New 3D artist here o/. Just finished BlenderGurus Doughnut series and decided to create my own scene to reinforce what I learnt. Definitely wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, even though much of this project was very similar to the tutorial different objects means different challenges. Also Blenders texture painting workflow is not that intuitive.

About the piece, I decided to do a cupcake with a mug as not only would it be different to the tutorial it would also push my knowledge and skills further which is the whole point at this stage in my 3D career. In addition, I’ve heard a lot about the importance of finding your style and whilst its super early for me to worry about that I do want to implement a story with all my artworks. Something the viewer can ponder about for a brief moment.

I also played around with the lighting getting some valuable experience.

Thanks for watching. Constructive feedback welcome.


I see what you did there on the mug :smiley:

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