Blenderkit not working

When i try to add objects form blenderkit it fails to download the object.
Is there a way to fix this?

Had this problem before. Probably problem with their servers. Usually would fix itself when I tried again after a while. There is a blenderkit topic somewhere here, it’s creator was quite active there, maybe try asking there.

I’m having this same problem now. Is BlenderKit working for anyone right now or are their servers down?

Facing same problem…
While downloading materials, it keep on failing and retry again iteratively.
But never succeeds…
Is there any other way to externally download blenderkit material and import it into the blender file??

Hello, jsut reading these posts - there were 2 bugs in 2.92 which are now fixed in blender 2.93 beta:
If you want to stick with an older version of Blender, just download the Blender beta and copy only the addon to your older Blender version.

I have this issue right now. The models do not load. Anyone else?

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