BlenderKit updates in Blender 2.81

Hi, I tested with the fresh build from and everything seems to work fine. Might be some combination of file + blender 2.8 ? For me, blender 2.8 still crashes often also without using the addon.

OK, thanks for looking. Must be a conflict with another addon.

Edit. The latest version Git-03bd024c077d-30-Mar-16-06 seems to have fixed the problem.

e.g. downloading the ‘painted rusty metal’ texture crashed Git-98f00a3eb526-30-Mar-00-02 build.

that might be a material using pointiness… thanks for info, will test it.

We are happy to announce that BlenderKit addon is now directly in Blender 2.8 development builds. So no more downloading of the addon from our website.

We started this adventure with the wish to bring something great to all Blender 3D users, as free as possible, and with maximum quality and the possibility to be sustainable at the same time. Getting BlenderKit directly to Blender was our long-time dream target.

Besides committing the code, we also subscribed to Blender Development Fund as Diamond sponsors.

Watch this new EEVEE presentation to see where BlenderKit got after a few months:


Video is currently disabled. Why?

not sure what happened, embedding of the video disabled itself. I re-enabled it. Thanks for noting it.

BlenderKit has . a lot of updates in Blender 2.8 . If you are one of the several thousand people who use it every day you probably know already :wink:

This is a question I was asked many times in email or on forums in the last year. It was mainly the fact that we are a very small team why on the site this question wasn’t clearly answered. We finally found time to fill this gap(and some others are coming to the website hopefully soon). There are actually 2 people working on BlenderKit, not fulltime yet.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t seem to change the search results on the AssetBar. I keep getting this message:


Using the new 2.81 release.

just log-in in the addon again. The token is a security code that the addon exchanges with the server in the background, and that is refreshed once you log-in back.

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hi Blenderkit admins

I have a question :slight_smile:
Can i create my own categories and upload the models from other sources with CC licence. Basically i just want to use my assets that were downloaded from 3D stock resources and put them in my own category in Blenderkit

Hi! uploading CC sources can be done, but only those with CC Zero license. We decided not to have the other CC licenses, so that creators aren’t blocked by not being able to use models for commercial use or similar things. I guess it’s still nice to mention the source of the asset.

As for the categories, we have a fixed system for the public database that we want to update hopefully soon.

I have many questions about becoming a creator. I feel like some things haven’t been fully or well explained on your webpage.

  1. When my asset is already validated and published, does it still use my private storage space? If so, does it mean that I can only upload up to 200 or 2000 MB of assets, depending on my chosen subscriprion plan? I hope not.

  2. What sources of textures can I use for my uploaded assets?
    Can I use a texture that I purchased on BlenderKit with royalty free licence, as a part of my model? Or can I only use CC textures?

  3. Can I sell my assets both on BlenderKit and elsewhere, at the same time? Does this sentence mean YES?:
    “BlenderKit doesn’t require or enforce any exclusivity of the assets provided to the site by the creator”

  4. Many sentences under Fair Share page use passive voice, which makes it really hard for the reader to determine WHO they refer to. For instance:

“The assets may be processed through auto-conversion mechanisms to enable the offering of the assets for other render engines and in other software packages.”

  • by who? Who is going to do the auto-conversion? I’m not sure if I understand this sentence. Does this mean that you, BlenderKit, can convert our assets and offer them elsewhere without us, creators, knowing?
  • “It’s possible your assets might be offered through other add-ons in other software packages”
    If you do so, will you let us know?
  1. “Creator can decide to fill his billing info and have the credits converted to USD and sent back to his account. For this, a creator needs to be eligible to make business online with BlenderKit s.r.o. By the laws of the country he comes from. This is confirmed by filling the billing info and agreeing with these terms of use.”
  • what laws do you mean? Can you give an example from, let’s say, U.S.? Is this like, for example, in Poland you need to be 13 or older to be allowed to make business deals - something like that?
  1. This part is the most mysterious:
    “[Our] fees are different - first 50 (validated*) creators fee is 10% (basically the running costs of the server + other fees we have to pay). While standard, creators begin with a 30% total fee (this fee will get smaller depending on your total creator score).”
  • Does it mean that first 50 BlenderKit creators had smaller fee? If so, how is this still any relevant? I believe BK has already way more than 50 creators. How high score as a creator do I need to have to lower my fee?
Was it clear to you at first sight that we are offering a lot of free content besides the subscriptions?

Is there something that confused you at first on our website?

Is it clear that everybody can upload assets anytime from the addon?

Maybe I would put in a big font “brushes - materials - models” and a “free” tag on brushes and materials and a “subscribe!” tag on models.

Also, people would love to click on the category title and go to a gallery with all, or at least some examples.

This way everything is understood really fast and visually, people are too lazy to read XD

As ARC9 says it would be nice to put some stats about the database size, number of downloads…

I don’t think there’s anything confusing, maybe making clear that even being not subscribed models uploaded by the user can be freely downloaded by himself anytime.

Now I just want to have the time to upload more models >. <

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Hello Michalpe, this isn’t where we would answer questions typically, can you please send us an email to [email protected]? It can be literally the same questions. Also, this thread is 3 years old, so it’s a coincidence I came here to check :wink: