Just so people know the folks that have taken over and I have been in contact. I inquired into the Administrator job and they have been in contact with me.
I don’t want to say anything specific yet but I just wanted to say that blenderman is not going to disappear any time soon :wink:

who has taken over



There is a group that wants to develop Blenderman much further than I have the resources for, and they are taking over the project. They have some exciting plans, including a printed magazine :wink:

I cannot continue with Blenderman, but I am glad to see it survive with other people that can do it justice and continue to develop the mission to the community. There will be far more in the upcoming months than I could have even made happen!

Good to hear is going places.

It was evident from the response it received that it was a great idea, so I’m glad it is not going to fade away.

Here’s wishing that it reaches whole new heights of popularity in it’s future avatar … and that web hosts stop charging for extra bandwidth :wink:



LOL :smiley:

Everyone will have to wait for the offcial announcement, since everything and all parties are not finalized. But no worries, they are people involved with Blender and not scary…

did u say a printed magazine like in shops and stuff? will it be in uk?

im a forum monkey? when did that happen does it happen at 500 ?

Just wait until the end of the month :wink:

The printed magazine is in the works from the new owners, so the “due date” is based on their development. Everything in time, they’ve got things well in hand. There is no way I could possibly do everything they have in the works!

hhhmmmm so i think thats a yes?

Wow should get pretty exciting then :smiley: Look forward to what they come up with.
But the big thanks all go to Akator for starting it all out :wink: