Blenderman - Our superhero :)


Awesome!!! but were are the glasses???

This time Ton has not brought points :slight_smile:

Shishis a great pieshe of arrt as Ton would say !

Haha, this is a masterpiece,very funny somehow.
You should sell this as a 3dPrint.

Is Ton open source?

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Hehe, depends on the license.
If he is GPL, there is no problem,but don´t forget to share the source code.)


Keep us updated what Ton wants with it. I’ve heard he’s going to make a bronze statue of it in front of blender institute. Some rumors even say gold… :spin: :D:D:D

Wow !!! It would be interesting !!!))

Ha! That is great! Very inspiring, every blender artist should have a desktop miniature!

Or here’s a poster on the wall :slight_smile:

Future splash screen ?

Yes, ) And I think this render turned out better than on the main photo )))

This is the kind of splash screen I would like to see in Blender. :slight_smile:

Would be perfect for 2.80 :yes:

I was very glad of that. :slight_smile:

Tonatiuh Isn’t it obvious ? Ton Roosendaal wears glasses, but not when he’s Blenderman, otherwise we’d recognize him and if we did, Autodeskor would go to his loved ones and take them as hostages.

I love this, nice work!

Thank you, friends !!! :slight_smile: