Blenderman will host your Python Scripts!

Yes, that’s right. Blenderman will host your Python scripts so that users will have a central location/mirror. All credit will be given to the authors, as is the case with everything at Blenderman…

It’s that simple. No catches. A new “navigation menu” will be created that appears on each Blenderman page that includes Python scripts. It’s that easy… the script authors just need to submit their work.

Authors of scripts will be given an FTP account to update their work if necessary.

Andrew (akator)
[email protected]

will it be able to host example .blend files?

because we can pretty well just post our scripts here in

[even if that inconviences the users]


In addition, you can have any documentation or anything else you wish related to your software.

But it looks too strict :-?

Submissions should include a brief biographical statement including who you are, what you do, your hobbies and interests (besides Blender), your website, and what part of the world you are from.