I was playing around with an avatar or something for my web site and came up with the following idea. It turned out too detailed for an avatar (I’m not even talking about the size!), but it may end up on my web site.

I am actually quite far down the line with this for a WIP, but I thought I’ll post it here anyway before I bump it up for focused critique.

It was done with Blender’s internal renderer. Let loose with the crits & comments…

Oh yes, I used the GIMP to composite the wireframe and sold parts…

Hmmm. Looks pretty nice, if there are any anatomy problems I’ll leave them right now for people who are better than me. The anti-aliasing looks a bit fuzzy, you should probably make it a bit more crisp for the final product. Try setting the filtering to 1.5.

Thanks BlackBoe,

I did what you suggested - and I agree - the additional crispiness makes it look better.

I also think that the .jpg quality factor that I am saving it from within GIMP plays a role. This one I now saved at a quality factor of 100%, but it is still not as crispy as the Blender original.

Other comments?