Blendermorphic? Tests shooting anamorphic with blender

Was thinking about shooting anamorphic with my DSLR when I hit a big ol’ mondo curiosity bump. Can blender shoot genuine anamorphic? well, there is addons and compositing to get the flare and bokeh… but as with everything, I want more! so, heres what I did, I made a plane aligned it with the camera, split it down the center, and made it convex. Tossed on a bunch of levels of subsurf, smooth shading, Glass shader (IOR 1.45, Roughness 0).
Heres top view of the setup

here is the checkerboard I shot its in 1920/1080

Here it is through my “Anamorphic adaptor”

Here it is stretched to 3050/1080

As you can see, it did do the distortion, I kinda threw it together, wasn’t trying to be technically accurate or anything. I suck at compositing, but you can prolly get the exact same results there mebe. with the checkers it added 2.5 seconds to what it rendered without the glass at the 3050/1080 size.
Hows it look with a real render? Here it is with the ol’ beamer. I did mess with camera angle on this, so will look slightly different than what were used to.

Beamer is 300 samples. regular render time is 4:08, Anamorphic render time was 4:01. so I would say the exact same time to get a larger image. interesting imo.

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Just had a total “duh” moment. would prolly be most beneficial to split a cylinder in half, that would be more symmetrical. If it doesn’t have enough distortion, that can be fixed by scaling it on one axis.