BlenderNation Survey 2023-15 - Tutorials

Hey! So my plan to do a weekly survey went off the rails quickly, but I’m back with some questions about Tutorials. As before, this will only take a minute and it would be hugely helpful for us.

You can access this week’s survey here - it’s just 4 questions.

For the results of the previous survey, read my article on BlenderNation.


Hello Bart !
I’m not exactly sure what you mean by tutorials, is it about all the tutorials made by third parties, or more about the breakdown of projects : written articles that are available on blendernation only ?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do these !

Third party tutorials; we don’t really create tutorials of our own. We’ll get to the Behind the Scenes later! :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if that make sense for me to answer that here, but I think you’re doing a great job at selecting tutorial, and I think blendernation is also very good to start a 3D journey. That’s a website I would recommend to students for instance.

It’s also great to get a daily dose of inspiring stuff, since I’m part of the 60% who don’t use social media :smiley:

The problem with tutorial, is IMO more with the community making tutorials. While there is a lot of information for beginners, and also a lot of quick tips that are useful to everyone, when you reach a
higher level you are much more on your own.

It’s difficult to find advanced knowledge , or learning material made by advanced users and even more on blender ( beside payed courses generally for other software ) There are some (blender cloud is great for that). But on the overall the information is a bit buried by entry level tutorials.

At some point to keep learning I need to look for knowledge elsewhere.

Here are a few channels I’m subscribing to on youtube : : a lot of great tutorials about concept art, image composition, 3D… : a 3D tracking guru, I don’t do 3D tracking a lot but I find his works super inspiring. : a concept art god, I don’t draw much, but I learned a lot from these.

Sure all these are out of the scope of blendernation, and it’s up to blender community to come up with good material. But that’s the stuff I’m looking forward to a lot more now, and blendernation is getting less relevant for me.

hope that helps, thanks for taking the time to read !

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I just wrote exactly the same in the survey.
While I absolutely value and appreciate the massive amount of beginner or entry level tutorials in the community (only a few software communities can rival) - and some of which definitely made my entry to Blender possible, once your skills pass a certrain treshhold, knowledge is getting way more spread out, sporadic or not found at all.

The thing about this pattern, besides that those knowledgeable people also need to have the time and skill to create tutorials and put them out there, is definitely the boon and bane of having a YT channel and having to put out content regularly to somewhat have a chance to stay afloat in the algorithms.
I have the suspicion that this alone is a huge possible factor in the lack of advanced or expert level tutorials, which require much more skill, preparations, resources etc. and those tend to be way longer than the average social media attention span nowadays permits.