BlenderNut logo

Hi guy’s

I am starting a new Blender channel and i would like feedback from creative enthusiasts to make it shine!

This i s my idea of the BlenderNut channel logo so what do you think of it?

Also i am not decide yet about the animation type but since the look is overall cartoonish maybe a classic bouncing and stretching letters?

Or letters falling down in wireframe and then they get recover by a shiny coating on it?

Any idea are welcome from creative folks!

Here the 2D logo

Here the 3D logo

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Here a quick variation that add the white from the original Blender logo, which one do you prefer?

Currently fixing text topology for animation and i will update when done.

I think its cool. The colour one is best, on my opinion. I like the idea of wireframe being filled with colors.
But lets see what is to be seen =)

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Thank for the feedback and sorry for such late reply since sometime i don’t get notifications when people reply to my posts and i don’t know why!