Blender's 3d Manipulators for Animators

Hi everyone.

I would like to say that i have been trying Blender 2.80 for few months now and i appreciate all the hard work that was put into it by the Developers and the Community.

Blender has come along way since the old days when I first took a loot at it and had mix feelings about it’s ways and workflows especially for Animation, so with the release of this new and big milestone it gave me hope that things now are really changing for the better.

As an aspiring Animator I do still think there are more things to do for people like me who are more familiar with the other Softwares, one of those things is the 3D Manipulators.

I dislike the hotkeys only workflow for animation which Blender relys heavily on and it’s 3d Manipulators feel like they’re made for modeling more than anything else.
I know that there have been some changes to the 2.80 version from the older ones but they’re still not comfortable to work with.

I would like if we can have something similar to Maya’s 3D Manipulators that are super useful for Animation, of course not a direct copy and paste but close enough so Animators feel at home and Blender users will still use the hotkeys workflow anyway, so there is no loss here to Blender’s Community.

some suggestions on what could be improved.

  • Better Preselection Highlight for the axes, a different Color maybe.
  • Always visible during Transformation.
  • Quick resizing with two hotkeys.
  • more customization options like in this image.

I would like to know if there are people who share similar views on idea like this and if the Developers could accept such suggestion to be made in future versions so I can make a decision if i should stick with Blender or not?


We are waiting… :weary:


I can’t even use the manipulators for animation… it gets so annoying when i want to select something but i can1t because the gizmo is in the way… So I just use the hotkeys.

Different strokes for different folks.

While I use Left Click Select for most of things but I have changed Pose mode selection to Right Click Select and it works wonderful, u should try it.

hmm. thanks for the tip! I didn1t know you can set selection for diffrent modes… where can i find this?

Preferences->Keymap->3d View->Pose->Pose(Global) ->Add new-> type in “”.
This will override the selection for Pose mode only, You can change everything if you know your way around the input Editor.

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Thanks, it works! I had to uncheck the pose context menu for right click… maybe i should change it to shift+right click or something.

Yeah, you have to find another key for it.

I had made a feature request similar to this awhile ago,I Believe with more people coming from other Softwares we’ll see more usability requests like this one.
There are few tasks like what @theRedWaxPolice posted on the roadmap and hopefully the other missing ones will be added in the future, so in all there is progress to make Blender more comfortable for the newcomers and those who like to have different ways for working in Blender.

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