Blender's Eevee Render Engine

Hello, I’m Miguel Marquez, and I heard about Blender’s upcoming render engine Eevee. even though its still in development and besides gaming can eevee also be great for rendering animated movies or short films? because I want to try it out when development is done.

Hello Miguel,

Yes, Eevee isn’t just about having a nice 3D viewport and previewing game assets, it is designed to be a complete render engine aimed at rendering as fast as possible. So you’ll be definitely able to render animated movies with it.

On the current state, you can do some renders with it and also be able to use combined, depth, mist, normal and AO in order to be used for compositing. Feel free to do some tests yourself using an experimental build (don’t use it on real project !!!)

Yes, if you do not need 100% accuracy, Eevee will be perfect, as mentioned just download the demos, some are great, beta should be out around the middle of August with most of the features working, at least I hope so! :slight_smile:

Eevee is kind of like a real time version of the “Blender internal” renderer.
The quality is just as good, or even better, from what I’ve seen.
And Blender Internal was used in quite a few animated movies :slight_smile:

Blender has always had a “game engine” and an “OpenGL Preview,” both of which leverage the ever-growing power of graphics cards. I’ve found ways to actually use that capability in a production setting to beat a deadline, but it has always been cumbersome.

As to myself, I’d like to see this emerge as yet another rendering option in Blender’s ever-growing suite of alternatives. I still like BI and still “mostly” use it, maybe because I find ray-tracing much easier to visualize and much more predictable than path-tracing. (I don’t have time for fireflies.) But I’d like it to be “faster … much faster.” I always knew that there were lots of graphics capabilities in the hardware that Blender wasn’t properly utilizing – and that Cycles is only one way to do so.