Blender's Hair guide is confused in particle mode

I’ve had this problem three times recently. In object mode, it’s normal. When I enter particle mode, the hair guide is confused

So I had to recreate this layer of hair ,I tried to copy my hair to another object, but the bug was still there,

Thank you for checking

First off Great Model! I like this!
Ok…What happens if when you switch to Particle mode with the character selected…and then just select the proper particle system? I see that Lzo4 is still in all the different screens…so re-select it?

The question, I see different Base meshes as well as hair bases, Are all these different characters / different hair bases, etc? Or just different hair cloth etc for one character?

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Hi, brother. Thank you very much for your reply. Because I don’t know English mode terminology well, I spent a long time thinking about your suggestions. Finally, I found out the bug, because I turned on the Deflect Emitter, which caused the hair to collide . and Thank you again ~~ good night

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Glad you figured it out…!!