Blender's Hidden 'Photorealistic' Node

I discovered this node while working on a church project. The setup is surprisingly simple and makes any texture that is supposed to be bold, bolder. The node is not new and I take absolutely no credit for it. Simply watch the tutorial at [video][/video] or set up a compositing scene and add a filter node(Shift A - Filter - Filter - Shadow). This simple setup makes rocky textures, and adds more grunge, detail, and boldness to a scene. Keep in mind that the node does not look good on organic objects (objects containing carbon :slight_smile: or any object that should be ‘alive’ like a tree or a human). Watch the tutorial at [video][/video].

  1. its not hidden
  2. its not photorealistic

Please consider changing your title to something like ‘make images pop’.

Hella click bait.
I thought it was some kind of “easter egg” or an wip/test cycles shader.
fk off. I feel seduced and abandoned.

A sharpen filter makes everything photorealistic…¬¬ Just like the lens flares ten years ago?