blender's interface: what do you wish other apps would emulate from blender?

I pick on blender plenty, but here’s a chance to praise blender:

Is there a part of the blender interface you think is just so awesome that you wish other apps did it this way, too?

Tell us about it.

Here’s one of my faves: you can zoom and scroll in panels with the keyboard!

If your mouse is over a Properties panel, you can use the Numpad + and Numpad - keys to zoom the panel larger or smaller. AWESOME.

You can also use PgUp and PgDn keys to scroll up and down if there’s a scrollbar. You don’t have to grab the mouse. AWESOME.

I wish the Adobe apps I used all day had these two interface features.

Dude, go to bed, this is a bad idea.


I… I don’t know the 3D cursor maybe?

Not really sure to be honest. Maybe the searchable Space Bar menu? Though, that said, the better documentation for other apps tends to alleviate the need for it.

Not sure this thread is going to work out that well…

I seriously prefer it to anything else!

And the way cycles is integrated, just perfect!

I just wish that the UI and features there-in would be fleshed out some more.

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Ctrl+mousewheel to change textbox/combobox values.

Everytime i use an image editing/painting program, i press F to setup my brush size with mouse movement.

… but it never work, none of gimp/mypaint/etc… use that genius method to control brush size, either you have to press +/- or whatever keys you can bind to this repeatedly or you have move a slider, there’s no such thing in those program as how brillantly fast and intuitively this thing is done in Blender paint/sculpt mode regarding brush size/strength control with your mouse.

If there’s something i wish those program would take from Blender, it’s really that mouse movement method to setup brush scale/strength

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Krita has it on shift.

Looks like Krita is going to be on my list of program to use one day :slight_smile:

Advance Input Editor Similar Structure of Blender and less hard coded

( double tap , Hold and release , mouse + key , Hold Key 1 + Press Key 2 ) so i can sync my workflow to other 2D/3D application

  1. Hardcoded Keys
    one example workflow im having trouble is Photoshop because of limitation
    ex. I cant Assign Shift + key into shortcut key … cant setup modifier keys behave in each tool

in Blender / Clip Studio Paint i make shift + key for types of selection
Shift A = Select all
Shift S = Inverse
Shift D = Deselect

all related types of selection ( shift + key )
and photoshop has wide selection type

2 ) No limitation in Assigning Navigation or Modal Map / Selection Type
most 3D program Cant Change the Default Navigation Setup

I like to setup My Panning and Zooming In 2D to be Sync Together With 3D
most common setup in 2D application

panning is space
Zooming Ctrl + space

in 3D/2D i added function for
alt + space for orbit and Rotate for consistency

im able to make in blender this type of workflow
but in other 3D application i have trouble setting these because space cant be use as a modifier
and also some are hard coded like Selecting Loop / Ring , Modal Map where they have default setup and cant be change

and some have no setup like this
click then it will select … click again the selected it will deselect ( toggle Selection )
and other complicated setup

the reason i use these setup is because i really dont use mouse anymore when working i mainly use wacom tablet devices and i adapted the 2D workflow common navigation

i tried alternative method by swapping keys or use auto hotkey but there is a breakage and problem

Summary : i really like advance input editor and complicated modifier keys setup because it add productivity , speed and style

it can save many keys and i can lay my hand near AWSD not going to other unreachable keys

if other 3D application has been inspired intelligent input editor / borrow the idea of Blender
its easy to migrate 3D application that is not familiar and learn it by not having trouble
by finding the important tool and apply the preferred navigation and style of executing shortcut key

no trouble switching between application back and forth ( pipeline ) without forgetting the navigation and execution of keys

Hopefully the upcoming Blender 2.8 ui 101 thing doesn’t change too much.

zBrush is similar, with “s” bringing up a slider under the mouse’s current position. Not quite the same, but close.

Continuous grab all the way!

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Non overlapping windows, splitting and joining of windows, You have no idea how much time I have to fight with popup windows in programs like AutoCAD because the in the way and blocking what I am working on but I can’t dismiss them because I still using them.

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the starting cube

the “Ctrl+middle mouse click” to zoom in and out the camera to get better view moving you mouse front or back

spacebar search

  • Tile-based layout (though arguably many other programs have started doing this)
  • Non-blocking animation playback (rotate view, paint, edit, etc. even while animation is playing)
  • Focus follows mouse
  • Hover copy/paste
  • 3D cursor
  • Separate action/selection
  • Spacebar search
  • Script API tooltips
  • Node auto-offset (only in buildbots ATM… should be in next release)
  • Scrollable/grabbable headers
  • Elevator music while rendering (with - ahem - a certain add-on :wink: )

continuous grab
non-overlapping, fully scalable UI
copy & paste values (and colors AND gradients) on hover - so awesome
eyedroppers for objects and depth, in addition to color
accumulate snap points - great for evenly spacing objects without needing an array modifier
the powerful array of keyboard shortcuts - such a fast workflow once you get used to it