Blender's slow, is this my hardware???

Hello People,i Have a :
I5 2500
16gb ram
1tb disk
Nfida gforce gtx 960 2gb gpu.

Now when i’m middeling a tree. I can only Make one tree.
And then i get the error:

Out of Memory.

I discover that if i go a little bit too far, blender is going very slow.

Is this my hardware?

I already put on the open gl to graphic Card.

What is it, on YouTube all the middeling Goes very smooth.

Whiley pc is very slow.

And when i want to upgrade.

In what hardware should i think.

(Sorry for my bad english)

That hardware should be fine. How many vertices does your tree have? Do you get that error when modeling, or only when trying to render?

Blender struggles in edit mode with over a few million vertices. CPU upgrades don’t help much with this either. CUDA out of memory error happens if you are in render preview using Cycles GPU rendering, and has to do with your VRAM being too small (pretty likely for 2GB). However, for basic editing, the hardware should be fine. You’ll have to be more specific about where the slowdown and errors are occurring.