BlenderTutorialMagazine suggestion!!!

Just copie/pasting what I wrote in a thread on BNation:

What I would really like to see and would be willing to pay is a bi-monthly Blender Tutorials Magazine. Each issue would be for one specific aspect of blender. Some may need more then one issue (i.e.modifiers) but the strength of the BTM would be the depth in details for one topic in each issue . (imagine an issue of 50 pages explaining how Dynamic paint works) Of course the basics doesn’t need 50 pages but a lot more could be demonstrated. Each issues would have beginners/intermediate/advanced tutorials by concrete example. (please stop using the … darn cube as an example.-specifically if its not meant for beginners)

Ok so maybe I’m dreaming here to imagine 50 pages on the same topic written in 2 weeks could be done but you get the idea. (Well yes, it could be done but not by just one writer.) More Blenderheads means more ideas so similar to BlenderArt mag, Blenderheads could contribute to the issue he’d like. And since the BTM is a profit based mag writers could be paid for. Each topic could be decided in advance thus the chance for Blenderheads to contribute.

Also since it would be in the form of a subscription (monthly/yearly) and the issue would probably be pdfs,(hopefully also ebooks) the updates could be added. (just re-download the said pdf to have the updated version of the Dynamic Paint issue to name the same example from above. :slight_smile:

Anyway… it’s nice to daydream :slight_smile: