BlenderUpdater v0.1

Hey there!

I started writing a little tool a few days ago. It checks online for the latest buildbot version and lets you download and extract it with one click.

The program does not create a new directory in the path you specify, so make sure to point to an empty directory - or just point to your folder where you normally extract the buildbot version to. It simply overwrites the files that are already there, so you can keep your bleeding edge version up to date.

It’s written in Python with pyQt for the GUI, Beautifulsoup for parsing and runs on all platforms.

Until now, there is only a Windows binary release - Linux and OSX will follow soon.
If you find any bugs, please let me know!
Cheers, Tobi

edit - screenshot:

Good idea :wink:

Thank, useful!

Be sure to try the latest version:


nice, Ill gonna use for sure.

Love this cool new tool.

I would like to maybe have an .ini file where I can choose to only look for the build I want. I will not be working with Mac, Linux, or 32bit Windows versions, I will always be looking for 64bit Windows.

I have to run BlenderUpdater as Administrator or the program hangs while it’s copying files. I’m on Windows 10 if that matters.

If you could give the option to automate updates whenever a new Buildbot version is found, I’d enable that function.


Minor cosmetic issue, on my Surface Book your updater window looks like this:

Thanks for the input, I’ll look into it. The UI issue is a bit strange, I’ll have to work on that. Never seen that before on any system…

I’m guessing it’s resolution based because the Surface Book has a high resolution at 3000x2000 pixels 267 dpi and my desktop has a clipping issue on the BlenderUpdate too where I’m using 4k monitors. The image above is from my desktop.

Very good for developers and people that just have to have the latest and greatest. But let me tell you from experience answering questions on #blender on freenode. Having someone have a buildbot version or a version from github or whatever just causes confusion. I spend time working with them over irc only to realize that what they are trying to do is a specialized function of that version. That is why I stick with the official BF version. Just to have a common base unless there is just some feature or addon that I cannot do without.

Valid point. If something breaks, people should confirm that it also doesn’t work in the stable version.

I just updated the application to v0.4. Please check if the bugs were solved :slight_smile:

I can confirm that my display issue is resolved - thanks!

Good job. Keep it up. Thanks

I added a requested feature - one click update functionality. You must at least one time do the “old” update procedure, so the config file gets updated. Starting then, a new button should appear letting you download the same architecture as last time. Cheers!


Was just about to come and ask for this exact feature.

Much thanks!

Question: What port does the downloader use?

I ask because it won’t connect for me at work (where I’m behind a firewall), but works fine at home. I may be able to find/be granted a way through if I know the port.

in my computer it take to long to download and the extraction process It takes hours to extract I’ think you should verify that

Actually the standard http port 80, connecting to
Do you get a specific error or does the connection time out?

I cannot reproduce that… What system are you running on?

  • Win 10 64bit