BlenderVerse-teaching blender


I’ve decided i want to setup an online course for Blender so that i can teach new users and users that want to get a bit more involved in its use.

I would like to make this official, not at the moment but evantaully and i would like to contat ton and see if i can get something setup with the blender foundation.

I wont go into detail here, but this is a simple overview of the Blender-Verse course:

Blender-Verse simple overview


 Welcome to Blender-verse on-line training, this training program will be split up into five main modules these are:
  • Introduction to blender’s interface; including shaders, materials and lights
  • Introduction to modelling in blender and general studying
  • Introduction to rigging in blender
  • Introduction to animating in blender
  • Introduction to rendering, compositing and editing in blender The above five modules are the core part of the blender-verse training scheme and will offer a gentle introduction to the key features of blenders tool set.

As part of the training scheme, students will be able to select specialities in there chosen field for a select few core modules, examples of this are:

  • 3D modelling and general studies[LIST]

  • Introduction to low-poly modelling for the GE/ OGRE

  • Introduction to high-poly modelling[LIST]

  • Organic

  • Mechanical [/LIST] [/LIST] Blender-Verse

    The verse part of blender-verse relates to the way our training scheme will work, users will log onto the blender-verse server and download all relevant course work for the chosen session. Once all students have files downloading and are ready to go, the instructor will explain to students via irc/ voice what will be going on in the chosen sessions and show some examples of finished pieces and ask any general questions before proceeding.

Once sessions is under way the instructor will send his starting item to the verse server, students will then subscribe to mesh. Students will then watch as the instructor goes through process of creating the mesh, while explaining at each stage what he is doing. Students may ask questions at this stage, which the instructor may answer via voice or irc.

When the instructor is finished modelling the students make the mesh local or start building there own mesh while viewing videos/ tutorials put together by the instructor and downloaded while the sessions is in progress, students can then ask questions or push the mesh to the verse server with there name in place for the model, the instructor can then aid the student directly in modelling his mesh correctly.

Once the session is complete all models are made local to each machine for the students to keep, all relevant files i.e. Textures, tutorials, videos, resources are made local to each machine and are for the students who may wish to proceed on there own for further development. Students will be given an email address to contact the instructor on for further support and questions. There will also be possibilities for each student to have one on one training with instructor in scheduled time slot.

The above is an overview of what it would be like and the things that would be taught would, i think, be very usefull for users of blender. For example i would have a rather big training part on Blender shaders/ nodes and how they can be used and explain all the settings in depth, this would mean i would need to talk to the the developers of the software to get a full understand of there workings and how they can be used to there full potential.

Ill leave it for this at the moment and see what all you blender artists/ programmers think of it.

any ideas, criticism would be welcome

P.s. Blender is an awesomley powerfull tool, the only thing keeping the vast majority of users back is the documentation and teaching that you can have with other applications.

Just a reply to inform everyone what i would like to teach along side other instructors, if the comminuty approve of the idea.


  • Low poly

  • High poly

  • Sculpting

  • Modeling toolsRigging

  • Everything to do with rigging in blender

  • some options would be part of the extensive module that would take the student deeper into the diffrent sectionsAnimation

  • Everything to do with animating in blender

  • some options would be part of the extensive module that would take the student deeper into the diffrent sectionsTexturing

  • UV mapping

  • baking light, normal maps, textuer maps

  • creating basic textures in PS/ GIMPRendering

  • Setting up lights, cameras and SFX

  • Render settings and optimizing techniques for quicker render times

  • Using render layers and linking them to the compositer

  • Creating profressional shaders with NodesCompisting

  • All the various techniques of composting in blender

  • using layers and effectsDynamics/ Particles

  • Creating advanced effects with cloth/ softbody/ liquid toolsets

  • Creating advanced effects with particles, including interaction and animating

  • using deflection and interaction with dynamics and particlesProgramming/ Logic

  • Using python/ python API

  • Indepth usage of python

  • Using logic in game engine

  • Indepth usage of Logic and python for GE/OGRE
    These are the topics i would like to cover, maybe some i wont be able to, i dont mean me by myself, but with a team of lecturers. some might be better teached in diffrent mediums.

Basically the course would last about 1 year or the students could simple choose a course on a given day and join the sessions, but the sessions would be limited to a certain amount of people due to instructors teaching students (sometimes on one to one basis) and also bandwith limitations.

Also there are other diffrent courses such as general blender studies i.e. interfaces.

Looks like a great idea!
Only thing is that I think it would be good if the resource material was also available both separately and permanently for future users and those with slower internet connections.

Great idea!

I saw this coming but personally I would wait to see Verse officially released, working, feature-complete and bug free before planning too deeply.

That said the new “master server” feature will make Verse much more easy and accessible!


Hey guys,

thanks for the responses,

Koba: by the time the whole system, modules, grading and everything else to go with it is setup, im sure VERSE would be released. were talking a few months atleast here, since i dont want to just have little bits here and there i want a full on blender training course like you can get with MAX and Maya. I know what you mean about bugs and stabilites though, it crashes a lot when sending data to the server. but looking at what the coders have done so far, i doubt it will be a challenge to make it stable :cool:

new_neo: i think i got your suggestion, sorry if im wrong. you mean allow everyone access to tutorials and video tutorials, but only allow students access to interactive training and use of the instructors and VERSE?
that would be a pretty good idea, would allow users who arent familiar with the course to check what its like and at what level we can teach to :slight_smile:

Just a quick note, i would really like to make this a comminuty project, once i have done some more research, and if you like you can contact me and help me, since its quite a big undertaking. i know i wont be able to manage this by myself once it gets going, i couldnt manage the website/ servers and teach blender all at the same time…so it would be great if we split the work load and got eqaul benifits out of the project. so if any one wants to help out by researching and coming up with ideas for modules and tutorials please contact me, although i am not going to go straight into producing tutorials as i would like to make it official first and also get some kind of framework in place, with help from the blender foundation if possible :slight_smile:

great idea, if i can help with something let me know.

Let me tell you how it would work in my iperfect world.

  1. Verse would have thorough support of almost everything.
  2. I would go to blendernation / where you can see the Blendernation headlines.
  3. There it would say something like - “Verse modelling session today at 3:00 GMT - Tutorserver”.
  4. At 3:00 GMT I would log onto Verse Tutorserver and subscribe to it.
  5. Watch pure modelling magic by a pro - who is communicating to all of us by the Verse Chat that was demonstrated a while ago.

Like this there is no comittment on my part, I can join in and sign out at my discretion and still learn. Of course, if someone tutors regularly, they can setup a donation page for people to show their appreciation!

Alternatively, it can be a course with open access to the Verse sessions to all. Paying subscribers may get supplementary material (textures and models to work off), get examined and more personal help from a tutor.

That is the way I see it - open, inventive, fun and accessible. Just like Blender.


Sounds really interesting. I’d be interested in helping out in some way if I can. I have not used Verse at all. I presume it’s possible for students to follow along in realtime on a separate mesh, so that the teacher can kind of go around to look at how they are progressing… kinda like an art class in real life?

Anyway, I mainly am just commenting here so as to get updates on this thread. Seems pretty promising.

Hmm, do you know something everyone else doesn’t ? :slight_smile:

AFAIK, the verse support is very limited, basically some very limited editing facilities, it would be great if everything in Blender could be connected to verse, but I really have no idea if that’s possible / planned / being worked on. Then again the last time I looked at it was a few months ago, so maybe things have changed since then.

Even without complete verse support, an online course with IRC or some other voice technology would be a great idea.


ZanQdo has a current (12-25-2006) Windows CVS build with Verse compiled in.

I think it’s actually not a seperate mesh, but the same mesh (good and bad for that I guess), and no “locking” AFAIK.


there is teamspeak, it is proprietary but free for these kinds of uses, if you want to check it , it is pretty responsive on the talk side of things.

At the moment verse support is very limited. About the only thing that gets sent to the verse server is mesh geometry. Even UVs aren’t sent which I had to add to a local copy recently but waiting for Jiri to make proper implementations of everything.

Also iirc it can read a texture off the verse server due to a patch from someone.