Blenderville 005

(dreamsgate) #1

Well after much fussing and tweaking I am finished.

Come take a look.

(rogerm3d) #2

cool, cool, but i thought you would go for more of a cartoon look/render.
But you did this dark night thing unstead of bright colors and all.
Still works like that too, nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

(dreamsgate) #3

Actually that was just the mood I was in last night. I like sunset colors. But when it is lit for daytime, it is kind of cartoony. Its all in purples and blues.

(YAYA) #4

Hey, good! I hope your dragons don’t like to eat mushrooms or else I will have to build myself another house :wink:

(wewa_juicyb) #5

argh I REALLY should start working on my blendervilla. It looks great you’ve got me worried about my entry… :smiley: well, gotta get back to studying. damn finals!

(dreamsgate) #6

Thanks and good luck on your finals.

(Smerity) #7

A beautiful pic, but I agree that it’s a little dark, you can’t see all the details

Anyway, beautiful picture man.

(dreamsgate) #8

Like I said It was the mood I was in, I finished at 2:00am.

Thanks for all the comments,

and just for reference… I’m not a man. :wink:

(S68) #9


I like the dragons a lot :slight_smile:


(stephen2002) #10

the texture on the retaining wall around the castle is very streched out.

This type of render would benifit from the cartoon shader. The geometry is rather odd looking and bent up. It would take a lot of work to make it look real, but little work to touch it up as a cartoon pice.

(Millhouse) #11

Would that castle be a variation on the Blender castle tutorial?

(dreamsgate) #12

Actually no, I had forgotten there was a tutorial, (that would have made life easier, I’m not overly good at buildings). LOL, I just kind of winged it.

(Avatar) #13

Now that’s what i call beautifull