BlenderWiki in a .chm file

Wisitvenita over in #blender has compiled the BlenderWiki site into 1 nice little .chm file. You can download it from these mirrors.
(If anyone would like to mirror it on their own site, feel free)


note: to download from rapidshare, you must scroll down and click free then wait :o

For ubuntu breezy users gnochm the gnome chm reader hasn’t an approved deb yet so here is a how-to to install an unapproved deb (works great here)


Very nice. Great for 56k user and people who don’t have access to the net 24/7 :slight_smile: Hopefully the foundation releases a new version every once in a while.

Hassle-free mirror here:

thanks mpan3!

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Very much appreciated. Thanks!!


Thanks for the info and thanks to Wisivenita.

Do you know if there will be regular updates ?
The Wiki is ever evolving as you know.


Me too:

Sorry for dumb Q, but my PC said “Cannot open the file”. How should it run Do I need to do something else to it first? (running W2K pro)


I downloaded it and it opens but it won’t actually show any of the pages! I have Windows XP SP2. I opened the file by double-clicking it. Any help, anyone? :o

I too have had bother with this .chm file. On first download it opened with NO pages showing.

Then it opened once and gave me an old-school Internet Explorer ‘white page’ no page found screen.

Then when I gave the file permissions for internet access, it proceeded to retrieve the wiki information.

So let’s recap:

  • You download 26mb worth of documention so that you don’t have to be online to fetch it.
  • Then you have to BE online in order to read it.Methinks something is up. :confused:

Intentions are good and noble, but pdf would be better.

FOr all you XP SP2 user, make sure you check the box ‘allow file to open’(can’t remember the wording, but it has to do with the new SP2 security center). This message is displayed the first time the file is accessed, if you don’t check this box and proceed to open the file, all you get is the 404 error.

So NO you don’t need to go online to view the doc.

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Hi all,
I put a tar-bzipped file with the .chm converted in html here:
I hope not to overload the server.

Ciao, Leo

Thanks leodp, didn’t try it out yet, but bump for the effort :slight_smile:

I’m bumping an old thread here that I just stumbled upon, but I just wanted to mention that I used to run gnochm in the past but since I switched to Kubuntu last year I’ve been using KchmViewer and I really like it a lot. It seems to render the pages better and has a more complete feel to it than gnochm did (for me, at least).

Just thought I’d mention it in case it might help someone. I think I had to enable either the universe or multiverse repository for Ubuntu to see it.

Hi, back again, for an update

Check URL:
The new wiki in chm format is:
Blender Manual(EN) chm 19106.63 KB

Need some mirrors, and this version is improved in appearance and it will not access the internet again. I promise :wink:

PS: Wisitvenita is now named Dripstone :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks dripstone, but have you fixed the alleged problem with images not loading when not connected to the internet?

Yes, mpan3, I think so :wink: