BlenderXR: Modeling features development

To start off, we would like to thank the community for coming together and voting for the development category. Modeling has been chosen as our next step in development with 200+ votes!
To realize our next course of development, modeling, we have started a Kickstarter project!

  • Our target amount is 1000 USD.
  • Our Kickstarter has four tier rewards; Warrior, Ninja, Samurai, and Shogun. Please see the tier descriptions for a detailed overview of the rewards you’ll be getting!
  • With the help of the community, we will dish out the first few modeling features later this year.

Let’s all come together and make BlenderXR a successful project!

About the BlenderXR project: An open source project initiated by MARUI-PlugIn to develop a VR/AR user interface for Blender.


Backed! best of luck guys!

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Thank you for your support! Please keep your eyes on this project!

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Common people, these guys are asking for way too little for such an awesome project and we didn’t even completed the minimum pledge?!


A new version was released! Please experience new features and support us to achieve our Kickstarter goal. *ONLY 3DAYS LEFT! []


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Thank you for claiming that!


Goal reached! congratulations!

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Unfortunately up to now I never was able to start a “new VR window”.
A short flickering and then the default Blender window shows up again.
Today with the new XR version at least an error message pops up (attached picture).


I tried it with and without BlenderXR_SteamVR.dll and openvr_api.dll.
Perhaps I missed something !?

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Thank you! Now we are putting our efforts on the development to give some beneficial features back to you all : )

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me figure out the problem with some questions.
Are you using the latest version?
Did you download the file? or cloned the github repository?

Yes, downloaded Windows version and libraries for WindowsMR yesterday from “”.

Win10 x64 Ryzen1800x GTX1070


@MARUI-PlugIn I am currently trying this on an architectural model. I am wondering, is there a way to use the Oculus Rift controllers to walk or move in 3d space?

Yes. Here I put the UI mapping for the Oculus controller.
Joystick mode is my recommendation.

BlenderXR - Select mode
Our Kickstarter project developing modeling features has achieved the goal thanks to you all. Please keep your eyes on the project progress!