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Great, after i name back the scene, it works !

and another small problem, can you make some more options override? like the denoiser.
when i set to use Opitx denoiser in the project file, but there are some nodes without RTX support, the final merged image will have some part very noisy.

You can already use denoisers as BlendFarm will copy these settings from your blendfile.
If a node does not support RTX, it will not use the denoiser obviously because it cant.
I considered adding denoiser option in BlendFarm but I thought it might be easier for people to save it in their Blendfile instead.
I’m unsure what you mean exactly, do you want to turn off the denoiser in BlendFarm but keep it in Blender?
Could you elaborate?

yes, it’s not a bit problem, I can set the correct denoiser in blend file manually.
I mean if it is possible to make a option in Blendfarm to set the denosier to none, NLM or OpenImage, override the blend file setting, like you did with the resolution and samples settings override.

about Blendfarm future feature, are you going to support render queue and multiple users?

because there is also a important scenario, many artist share a same clusters of render nodes, like in a small studio,they both need to submit several render job to the same farm, the render farm will working on all the jobs by submit time or priority. once the artist finished the blend file, they just submit the file to the farm,then they can focus on other works.

so I wander if Blendfarm will add render queue feature for multiple users? I know it may not easy to implement or off Blendfarm’s roadmap, but if you are interested, I can provide some information.

I illustrated a draft of the render queue and multi users feature

Hey Wenna,
The override for denoiser I will see if I can add in one of the near-future builds as it shouldn’t be too much work (will require server updates).

Regarding the queueing system, I answered this before to another user. I did consider making such a feature, however, at that point it means I’m starting to develop a more broad tool. Blendfarm was intended to speed up work for a single user, to see results quicker and deploy such render nodes extremely easily.

Especially if you want a queueing system for multiple users in the network, there will be more coordination and a lot more testing to get this working right and robust. I may consider releasing it as a “Professional” version available for Patreons or something so I can justify the time a bit better, especially since I won’t be using such features myself at all.
I hope you understand, feel free to share your thoughts though.

I will think about it.

thanks for your feedback, I’m glad to know these features are on your plan, I think the render queue and multi user feature will fill a big gap for many studios use blender as a production tools.

there are some solutions on the market,(like Pandora OpenCue Deadline …) but no one are designed for blender, and have their own limitations. the main problem is they are not easy to use with blender. need many extra efforts to config and outdated support even not work.

the best example I think is Keyshot’s network render.
it gives very easy to use user experience,but only for Keyshot.

for the development, I totally agree there are many extra work to do,there will be a dedicated coordinator service to deal with the job queue, and even administrator and password.
I think there is no problem to make it paid feature, because BlendFarm already did a great job for single user, the paid professional feature will bring higher value to the teams and studios.

and here I have a new problem while using BlendFarm,please help take a look:
the client application lost responding when I rendering some file.

on the server side,the node continue to render until the current frame finished.

Looks like an exception with the image it received, perhaps corrupt. It should never crash like that though. I will double check if exceptions are handled correctly there. I suspect it may have to do with images completing at the same time and threads aren’t locked. Or just a random system exception, it should be handled either way.
Did this happen only once? Is it recurring?

Either way, Ill check it probably today or tomorrow. Planning on releasing a new build around Wednesday which includes your denoiser override option, as well as a fix for it only working when scene is called “Scene”. Ill also make sure it handles that exception correctly.

I also have thought a bit about the queueing/multi-user and more enterprise/studio solution with queues, and I’m seeing if I can plan some things out in a month or so (but it would likely be a paid feature).

yes the problem appears every time I render some specific file.
like this one, render animation frame 0-4, the problem will happen. I attached the blend file link(zipfile 32mb),
please hit this button to download

I shrink down the blend to 100mb by deleting some model and textures.

I would like to pay for the professional feature, and looking forward to early test.

@wenna666 I managed to reproduce the issue, and it seemed to be an issue with animations in general (not sure how this passed me before). It is fixed in the new code and will be in the upcoming release this week (which will also have denoiser option).
Ill be posting here when 1.0.5 is released.

Update v1.0.5

New Features:

  • Now allows you to override the denoiser used inside the client (or leave it Inherit to use blendfile set denoiser)
  • Now allows you to override the FPS used inside the client (or leave 0/disabled to use blendfile set fps)
    NOTE: Does not affect start/end frame, mostly related to if you have things affected by time.
  • Protocol compatibility check when connecting to nodes
  • Redid some UI to better fit settings


  • Scene selection fixed, now works with any scene name (aslong as it is selected of course)
  • Fix animation rendering that could cause crash, also added exception message in case of failure.

( @wenna666 implements denoiser override for you, as well as that animation issue )

I have downloaded and test the 1.0.5 release, it works great.
Thank you, that’s fast.

Is there some news about the pro feature?

Im planning to see if I can start building a pro suite/server software that is compatible with BlendFarm somewhere next month. Im quite busy with other work at the moment, and such software (and all the surrounding administration) will cost quite a lot of time.
When I start on it, it will also take quite some time to develop as it would have to be written more robust than BlendFarm.
Thus I expect you can start to hear more about it in 1-2 months.

If you have minor features that are contained to BlendFarm you can always suggest them, as they often don’t require a lot of work to add.