Blending 2 complex objects

I have 2 complex objects, each with over 200 faces and different shapes at the blend surface. The outlines of each are curved. One is the scroll of a violin and one is the body of a snake. I would like to blend them together. In this blend, I need to blend the shapes together and blend the greyscale between the two.

I have imported them both into blender successfully and have them generally lined up as I want them. To create the scroll, after import I bisected it and that left me with a very choppy open edge.

I have thought about just bringing the 2 objects together or create a third object that would serve as an “adapter” between the 2.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance on any feedback you have.


Well, there are booleans, which would work, but your topology will come out a little sloppy. The best way would be, imo, to use the snapping tools ( retopology ). That is if I understand correctly. Welcome to the forums, btw.

You’ll need to upload some images and/or the .blend file in order to have a better chance for fixing this problem.