Blending Composited image

Compositing gurus-

This is a bit of a follow up from my post yesterday, effectively showing to the world that there are really some concepts I just can’t seem to grasp in compositing.

With some help, I’ve been able to successfully rotoscope and translate the result over a defect in my film. But no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get rid of the gray border around my rotoscoped layer.

Could someone take a look at the node setup and tell me where I’m going wrong with filtering this out, that would be the bomb. In trade, I can offer some recent panos I’ve created for an upcoming website.


Many, many thanks! Much appreciated.

In the rotoscope render layer under the Shading settings, change the Alpha from Sky

As Richard mentioned, it works if you switch from ‘Sky’ to ‘Premultiply/Straight Alpha’. However I noticed that a tiny black border will appear instead, most likely because of the Dilate/Erode nodes in combination with the Blur node. Furthermore, your noodle seems overly complex considering you’re only removing an element from the shot. Are you planning something more for this scene?

Richard, Daccy-
Thank you for the tip. The result isn’t pretty because it’s a hack shot to begin with. But at least it takes the sore thumb out of the picture.

Daccy- yeah- I was trying to over compensate, and forgot to take those noodles out before posting the file for review.

Thanks again, so much.