Blending Life - Reference

Ok, going for this guy from the supplied references, don’t know his name as he was tagged ‘street reference’. Started today and all I’ve got sofar is a basemesh which I will use to get the basic proportions/larger features set down and then I plan to retopologize/uvmap/shrinkwrap him and start on the detailing. Anyway, feels good to have started! Going to put in a few more hours tonight and hopefully have a good update tomorrow.

hah cant wait to see your workflow!
i really dig the base mesh topology

P.s. give him name!

Ooh, I really like the subject!

Great start Romeo, i like the way you handle your topology.


Heh, yeah I thought he had a lot of character.


Ok, gotten most of the proportions/main features down (I think). Going to do some more work on the forehead and chin atleast, before retopologizing it for detailing. Also will probably leave the skin folds hanging over the eyes for after retopo as I probably will need more geometry to get it right. Unfortunately this particular reference didn’t have a full side shot, so I’m sort of ‘guesstimating’ the shape of his head.

that looks like a great workflow. starting to look really good already.

looks neat,
It’s a pity i don’t have time for my Igor now, but ill keep an eye on your thread

Your sculpting skill is the best I have seen in blender forum…I havent seen any of your textured models… if you have any can you pls show them.
just curious(abt the contest winner!!!)…
best of luck

Been busy and also away for a while, anyway started working on this again this evening and I’ve got plenty of spare time ahead (except that which will be wasted playing Samba de Amigo on the Wii :D) so hopefully I’ll start picking up pace now!

Anyway, did some more work on the basic proportions and then retopologized it. Then I unwrapped the retopologized mesh so it’s ready for shrinkwrapping and final sculpting (yay!):

I also did a quick frontal texture projection to check the proportions on eye,nose,mouth and they seemed pretty good:

Thanks man!

Thanks, so your progress on Igor, looking good!

Thanks! I don’t really have alot of textured stuff as I’m mostly into modeling/sculpting, and the old stuff I could dig up where mostly Wings3d/Zbrush stuff.

Ok, did a bit more. Mainly the eyes, started a bit on the ears. It took some time and effort hiding the underlaying eyelids using CTRL+SHIFT+RMB so I could use ‘grab’ to pull down overlaying geometry to give the skinfold across the eyelids. Particularly since the hiding wasn’t mirrored (unless I missed some way to activate it which isn’t entirely unlikely) which took some time given that the shape of geometry meant I couldn’t easily ‘box’ it out but more or less had to hide polygon by polygon, and then do the same on the other side. Ok, that’s enough of me trying to persuade you guys that it was REALLY HARD WORK :smiley:

yeah believe him, that is hard and annoying. The main thing i woulkd like to see in blender sculpt mode is masking-that feature really makes live easier.

Romeo, so far great job,give us more!
P.S. So since i didnt get any reply concerning this light setupsin my thread, could you share yours?

I believe you, and I think you’ve done a really good job so far; I like your choice of subject matter too.

Ok, not much of an update (but hey, it is lazy sunday after all). Not so sure of the ear given the lack of a full side reference shot, but this is about as far as I can go with it on this multires level so I’ll leave it be for now.

Thanks! Well, it wasn’t really such hard work, I was just trying to be dramatic :smiley:
I think the opengl light setups are stored with the user setups (using ctrl+u), do you know which file it is?

Thanks! Yeah I think he was a pretty interesting character aswell, first I thought he looked like a ‘dirty cop’ from some police movie, then I thought he looked somewhat like a chubby older Peter Sellers, either way he is fun to model.

Ok, did some more on the 3dsk guy, but not enough to warrant another screenshot. I did however try to come up with something for the stylistic competition. One of my ideas was for a stylistic Nosferatu, and I did a test mesh (just front of face) to see if I could come up with something that worked and I would love some feedback, particularly on the grimaces (which are pretty simple now as the all consist of using ‘grab’ around the mouth area), so any crits on what works (if any) and what does not etc, and if the stylistic Nosferatu idea works at all would be very appreciated!

Hehe ! Nice.

Of the nosferatus, I’d say either the third or fourth, but the teeth don’t work, try moving them a bit out wards.

otsoa: Thanks! Felix_Kütt: Do you mean like bending outwards or ‘moved’ outwards? If you mean moving then I would have to move out the upper lip which would look kind of weird. Maybe I should go for the Klaus Kinski version with bigger lips.

Ok spent better part of yesterday ditching Xubuntu (although I kinda liked it) and going back to good old Arch on my Linux partition. However I was certain that I had backed up all my conf files (xorg.conf, .xinitrc, .fonts.conf etc…) but alas I had not. Editing conf files and getting it just the way one wants it is really a drag, this time I will burn them on a dvd and keep it in my safe :slight_smile: But it feels good now that it’s all done!

Put in some time with the 3dsk dude today aswell, added another multires level and started working on some details (mostly eye area and ears):

Also, inspired by handlebar’s Dick Dastardly I think I will do a ‘alternate’ slightly more human version of Mickey Mouse for the stylistic competition. I did a face test sculpt and I think it can be become a pretty funny/weird full figure: