Blending Life - cat A - portrait of a girl

I’m not sure yet where this will take me. I have been modeling for some time, but I don’t know much about blenders material system.

Good start so far! Well hey, if you don’t know the material system that well this is a great way to learn! Hope you can finish this, the basic outline looks great. Good luck!

EDIT: Welcome to BlenderArtists.Org!!

Thank you! Yes, it’s often easier for one to find the motivation to really learn something new when there is a deadline.

I have updated my wip picture.

Right now I’m sorting out my edgeloops. Also there’s still a lot of vert tweaking left. Her cheeks are too round I think and the model looks like crap when it’s subsurfed :slight_smile:

update with subsurf

Wire close up

Still a lot of vert tweaking left.

good modeler , sw33t , continue …

Yes, continue indeed.
Looking good.

thanks guys

Not sure what age you’re striving for, but in the last shots the roundness of the facial features and size of the head in relation to both face and body make her look very young, pre-adolescent to my eyes.

Interesting construction techniques.

I was aiming for a young teen you know with lots of girly accessories, so i can really get lost in the small details. I will make the torso a little longer to compensate for the head. Anyways since this is a portrait only I guess I will not need the lower part of the torso so I might delete it.

I extrude the shape out in front and side view and work from there. You need to have a good idea of where you want your edgeloops though, else it will take forever.

Heres a wire


Love your edge flow. Keep it up.



You deleted the first images?

Yeah I didn’t want to take up too much server space with so many images with so little progress. But I can always just reinsert them again if theres a demand.

Great start, it’s realy interesting to see how you work out your topology

Two accessories i’m working on. They are far from finished. I think I’ll redesign the headphones from scratch since I’m not satisfied with that model at all.