Blending Life, Category A - Isabella

Hello fellow Blender Artists! Here is my work for the Blending Life Challenge, Category A. I named her “Isabella”. I learned a lot over the past 2 months working on her for this challenge. The new features in the latest releases of Blender were especially useful.

  • All images are straight renders, no post-render work.
  • Modeled and Rendered in Blender 2.48a.
  • Combination of skin references photos (from were mapped using GLSL preview (I followed Lile Hansen’s excellent video tutorial for this).
  • Texture maps were created in Gimp.
  • Hair and eyelashes made with particle system. Hair emitted directly from the mesh. Eyelashes created using hair emitter mesh. I never worked with hair particles until 2 weeks ago and found Tony Mullen’s “Bounce, Tumble, and Splash!” book helpful!

submission post:

Thanks for looking!



Excellent, one of the best human face renders i’ve seen to come out of the internal renderer.

5 stars.

Edit, i gree with bigbad, she looks a little waxy, tone down the sss a fraction.

Very cool. Maybe too strong SSS but awesome. 5 stars.

Wow, that’s outstanding! Bravo!

Wow, this is great. You’ve done the eyes especially well.

I agree. The eyes make all the difference. She looks alive!

Very, very well done. Definitely one of the best face renders I’ve seen come out of BI.

But the SSS is definitely too strong, she looks like she’s made of wax.

My girlfriend walked in the office while I was reading this post.

Her “Oh, she’s pretty.”

Me “That’s actually a model.”

this looks really good.

Nice! Good work on everything!

Spectacular! I’m really speechless here. You’ve done a fantastic job. I’m also (but not only) very impressed by the hair! This made me want to try character modelling again!

Nice work !

Really beautiful!
Please keep blending and posting.
I can only quote the others for some wax-like appearence of the skin, but it is very common in cg faces, and it’s really a minor issue here.

This is really beautiful!

It’s a shame that everyone is going for these bland and neutral expressions though…
This’d be a masterwork if she was giving us a hint of “acting” in some way…

even if she was just looking at the camera or something…

but hey, what do I know… I didn’t even finish!

Wow, this is really terrific! Great work!

I’d really love a closer look at your maps; the specular is just amazing!

Wonderful model, wonderful, detailed textures. The hair looks a little odd, but this is a beautiful render nonetheless.

I think you’re the winner :slight_smile:
But the hair is not the best.

Totally awesome! I presume face modelling is one of the most crucial stages of human modelling, as far as topologies are concerned. And I’ve seen you’ve done quite a great job on this. Really really great! :slight_smile:


I agree with many here. It has feeling of wax into it… but it could be just the uncanny valley lurking there… Anyway needles to say its one of the best. I miss some additional scenery decoration from it… other than that 5 star job… i guess.

Very good technical accomplishment, save for the overdone SSS – like others have said it appears too waxy to me, the translucency overstated – but the biggest drawback I see is the lack of personality and humanness due to the rigid pose and expression. Portraits should give some sense of the character of the subject and this one doesn’t to my eyes, it’s just a pretty face.