Blending Life - GreasyMnky

My WIP thread for the Blending Life contest, Cat B.

Here is where I was yesterday:

And here is where I stopped tonight:

I spent over 15h on the head so far… (It is actually my first model of a head!)
I feel like I have already learned a lot, can’t even imagine how much I will learn until the end of this contest.

Since I am new to blender, I’ll have to learn UV mapping, materials and rendering techniques, but there is no better way to learn than doing it :wink:

I don’t expect to win, but I expect to end up as a better artist by the end of the contest.

No comments ?!
Maybe you guys needed an image update!

I’d like to get some feedback this time :wink:

looks pretty good so far, has a good character to it. only crit would be the lines up the forehead.

I’ll tweak the forehead so make it smoother.

here are some wires:

for some reason, Blender renders the wires of my head with 2 triangles where there is a quad next to the corner of my mouth…

anyone know why this is happening?

The triangles are possibly due to the quad being a concave poly? Have a look at the base mesh (non-subsurf) and see. Doesn’t look to be too big an issue though.

Overall I like the shape that you have going here, however you may want to rework your topology a little. I’m sure you could get the same form with much less.
Try to simplify the region around the nose an upper lip.

You could also reduce the number of poly’s in the dome of head again you could get the same form here with far fewer vertices. Try taking out a few more edge-loops.

I am glad to see you ditched the blue world colour.:eyebrowlift:

Tri problem fixed. it was actually 2 tri and a quad superposed.