Blending Life - Lenmana

I have at last begun my entry. Here’s an eye. I’m going to count it as having started :yes:
Next I’m modeling the head.

\o_0\ dude thats incredible! That eye would look too real, if it weren’t for the veins which kind of gives it away.
A really good start!

Don’t lie! - thats a real eye! :wink: just kidding, nice work

Heh! Thanks for the compliments.

@ dave12345: What about the veins isn’t realistic?

I took a couple photos of my dad’s eye and used those to create the texture for the eye. You can’t really tell but it has bump and specular mapping too. The construction of the eye is the same as most of the “Make and Eye Like Pixar!” tutorials that are floating around. It’s not quite finished but I’m moving on to the head portion of the modeling.
Here’s my progress thus far:

if the body goes on the same line as your eye you’ll have some astonishing mesh to show us, congrat!

Here’s an update. I need to study topology a lot more. I still haven’t a clue what I’m doing.

looks good. Keep it up.

You´re quite skilled for not knowing what you are doing… :smiley:
Good job already. My constructive critique:

I like the “chin/jaw loop” running this way.
Also the cheek node should be retopo-ed a bit back.
You will be able to pronounce the cheeks and the yaw area more then.

And IMO the top of the head is too flat.
But the rest… thumbs up.

Looking really good, also impressively economic use of polygons. I think it ‘hangs’ a bit too much at the lower part of the back of the neck though.