I’m opening a thread for my participation in BLENDING LIFE contest.
Here is the last test render for now.

I skipped the general modeling part not to bother you with unfinished wires.
If somebody wants to see the progress of the project you can visit the link below.
I will appreciate any assistance in texturing and rendering of this model!
About the story … I still don’t have any idea what it will be :o

I’ve found a very good texturing tutorial for advanced texturing in ZBrush and Photoshop.
Unfortunately I can’t find simmilar functionalities in Blender and Gimp.
Anyway it’s a great method worth seeing:

looking good, nice proportion and shape. the ears might look a little flat, might rotate them out just a tad. but no biggie. how much further are you going to take the modeling? are you going to finish the body, or just do a nice bust?

A nice bust, hmm. I think I will skip it for now.
I will put effort on modeling cloths and adornments probably. Teeth and tongue - if the facial expression reqires it.
About the ears - maybe you’re right. Tweaking the verts will continue to the final :smiley:

Here is the current progress:

Looking very good, a very interesting face. I think the rim portions of the eyelids will need some attention, they seem too continuous, no creases that you normally find even on young eyes. Ears are perhaps too low.

Thanks chipmasque! I am trying to fix that :slight_smile:

really nice, I love it!

I’m glad you like it, JonathanC :slight_smile:
Here is another update + eyelashes and particle eyebrows:

Now if somebody knows if the blend file for this image is available somewhere it will be great to look at it :smiley:

Have you had a look at this old hair page?

Yes, I had. But the example does not have the effect I am looking for. Maybe it’s a matter of lighting the scene?!

Here is my attempt at recreating the above photo… (the material, not necessarily the hair itself.) Hope this helps you figure it out.:wink:


strandhair.blend (172 KB)

Great! Thanks afalldorf!
I will take a look at it!

I think pressing Strand Render makes the difference


strand(render)hair.blend (172 KB)

Good , alter the nose a little .

also , all i can do is showing you my old hair experiment , to tell you that it’s possibe with the old hair page above …


good luck :smiley:


Wake up, sleeping beauty :smiley:

She needs to change her shampoo!
My first unsucsessful attempt to put some hair on this poor girl.
The approach I used to create the hairstyle tuned out to be very inefficient, also the rendering time was too long for this stage.
Anyway the hair color looks good.
Next time - better.

Nice haircut, 3DGURU :wink: Thanks for the notes!

She looks a little plastic-y, but other than that, nice job!

wow, looking great! throw a little SSS in there and you’ll be good to go :slight_smile: she looks a bit like christen bell to me :smiley:

Still stuck on hair modeling problem.
SSS maybe as final touch - render test are getting more and more expensive.
Well this render took 5 minutes - specially for ward7299 :slight_smile:

nice :smiley:

5 minutes, eh? looks like you’re using buffered shadows, so that shouldn’t be a factor… are you using “strand render” in the hair settings? it’s a lot more efficient for large masses of hair. another thing, if you happen to be using AO, that sure eats up time

5 minutes for compositing Kristen Bell in Gimp :wink:
For the render of the model I use AO, soft shadows, adaptive render for the hair. It took about 40 minutes to render. Never tried with buffer shadows. My lighting set up is very simple - “three light” rig with only one casting shadows, and two “specular” lights for the eyes.
Strand render is fast but it seems to disable shadows for the hair?! Or I am missing something?