Blending life - Old George

Thanks for the constructive crit. It really helps to see where the problem lies for that extra step to make it better and more realistic. Thanks for the time you took to write down the c&c. I hope you won’t be offended that I gave this project an permanent rest.

I like the modeling and skin texture in general, the hair looks great too. But as people have pointed out, the eyes would need some more work.

(ten char limit)

nice job! BB

ps: the clothes seem like they are a mold or something,
try making some 3d noise for them even if a bit

nice one man!

2 things I find to soft
the red in his eye corners
the hair structure of his mustache.

In particular top hair and ears are just terrific!

There seems to be no shadows for some reason. Probably the AO that is the culprit here.

I felt ‘daft,’ got a good laugh, and wanted it for my Facebook picture…

Thanks for the comments. I will look up what I can do about the eyes and the facial hair.

This is amazing! how did you do the skin? It looks so realistic! I keep looking around but i can’t find any tutorials for realistic skin like that!

he looks a bit unhealthy i have to admit

u release this


Now that my piece is in the gallery I need to do some adjustments to the piece. I’ll think about the CC. Cause I want it to be educational if it goes under CC. Cleaning up the blend file and giving right name to right parameter and so on.

looks great, only the eyes look a little bright to me personally

WoW! I dont know what to say. perfect model

Just puff your cheeks, it looks ridiculous but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks man, this is honestly one of the best things I’ve learned on this site…

dude how old are you

Really great job. I personally love the expression he has on his face, it makes it feel more real, like someones taking a picture of him and he’s doing a sort of fake/forced smile.

WOW! no crits from me, you have captured a moment in existence very realistically. There are far too many subtleties and imperfections in real life people and lighting situations and so on and so on.

You are truly a blender head, and give a big plus for those of us who believe in the strength of BI, it is not just an animation NPR platform, and has far more power than deficiencies if used well in this manner,
and by someone who has accurately observed and rendered their vision of this world.

Thanks for your insight.

there is so much personality in him its wonderful

that’s an amazing job you’ve done, BRAVO ol’ chap, BRAVO.

I agree in general , amazing job in modeling and texturing , compliments really.
I’m with guys about eyes too clean and not enough age-signs, but the thing I really don’t like are moustache :slight_smile: