BLENDING LIFE - the fat guy

Had to separate this wip from here:

This one has a litle diferent topology. I think it’s ok as long there
are no six stars and treeangles. For now I will try to modell it realistic,
after that I will caricature it even more.


very good topology, can you post some tutorial on face modeling? thanx!

A quick texture test…

BTW, I have a question.
I’d like to use mesh deform for further shaping.
How do I hide faces on the “deform mesh” so I can see
through the edges only. Is there another way than deliting




i have question if you can find me a average tutorial like this with out the fat guy …I’ll be happy to tell you.

You can find a lot of them here:

Aleksandera: In the Object buttons, under ‘Drawtype’, set it to ‘Wire’ (on the cage mesh)

aw well i was too slow bro haha my bad
thanx any wayzer yeah

Thank you.:eyebrowlift2:

As you can see, today I have played a little with the mesh deform modifier.
There are two cages, one on another. You should trie this out. I think
it’s a nice way to play with the form, diferent than the proportional editing.:yes:


Just a test render with texturing from a point of view. Having problems with
the dofocus node - can’t fix the artifacts. But nevermind, at the end I will
probably render it with Indigo renderer.
By the way, is there a tutorial on
how to mix defocus and vector blur nodes? :o


I don’t know what you mean by artifacts, unless you mean the grainyness, in which case you should make sure you have turned ‘preview’ mode in the defocus node OFF.

Fantastic, i love what you are doing with the deformations.

Thx, ZombieJohn. Works better now.
Thx, handlebar. I just thought what I cud do if
i would store a deformation of each part of the face
as a shape key, hm…



Heh really cool. I’m working on the same guy but your approach and style is very different, totally love it!