blending life- tom

i chose the name tom becuase i used some of tom cruises facial features but here is what i have so far


Pretty good start, how does he look from the side?


will try to put a side view on today i don’t have internet at my house so i have to use a library’s internet

here is the side view pics


Great work so far - the resemblance of Mr Cruise is there. I’m pretty much at the same stage as yourself - need to work on the ears, eyes, mouth, few edgeloops to get the facial creases. Glad the contest is NOT over tommorrow!

Hehe ! nice start.

i made some eye brows and textured the eyes


made the lips tweaked the eye brows alittle and tweaked the length of the head because it look to long and did one render with face stuble


i modeled the ears and have tweaks things here and there and have begun texturing this is my first time ever trying to texture a face so i am hopeing it will turn out ok


Looks really good with the textures. It seems to me that orthographic is off with the camera, wonder what it will look like when it’s on.

looking good so far, the Cruise likeness is there, but I think it would help to work on the eyes, both the socket area, which looks a bit too much like just a cut-out hole, and the eyeball, which needs more naturalistic coloration in the iris and sclera.

changed the eye texture.made him a gote(not sure ow to spell it)which is his finall facial hair and made a slight bump map that isn’t that good,and here is the orthographic render.and i will eventually make him hair for his head


if anyone know of any good tutorials for painting bump maps for a face, pleaseshare