Blending life - US marine

i have decided to model a photo-realistic model of the game caracter Kane from the game “kane and lynch”.
i´m not very good at organic modelling, so i am gonna need all the help i can get, especially on creating a texture map for him. here is my reference image, and progress so far.:smiley:
( he´s the guy to the left.)


good luck with it, ill try to help as much as i can, but as you know im no big on organics either, so good luck with this!

looks good for me,but the overall shape of head seems a little bit od, i mean you get the similarity quite well, but i think that you have focused too much on the reference you attach.

My advice to all people starting with organic modeling is not to create so dense wires polygons- try to create basic forms with good edgeflow, and than add detail.

Hope that i made myself clear(propably not:p-sory for my english)

Fruit machines, slots or one-armed bandits! Whatever you call them there is no doubt these games are hugely popular with anyone one who has ever played them - and lets face it most of us have!

Deal Or No Deal Miele

i decided to change him a united states marine.
here it is.