Blending Nature - UPDATE Pine Trees coming soon!

I’d like to present the start of my Blending Nature vegetation series of models available for download from the Blender Market for a very reasonable price $5.00 :yes:. Here is the link to my market web page

All vegetation is being optimized for use in particle systems. Easy drop and place models to create vast green lush environments. Trees are fairly high resolution holding up to fairly close rendering, of course I could go much higher with detail but I’m trying to provide a well balanced model ready for use:eyebrowlift2:. I’ve created a test scene to make adjustments and tweaks to the models wich I have included below. The beauty is the shade for the leaves is setup to transition from summer to fall by entering a value from 0.00 to 1.0. So you have lots of flexibility with colors because in nature variety and imperfection sells reality. I have several other species of trees coming done the pipe so please check in and hopefully you’ll find something of use to save you time without sacrificing quality:D

UpdatePine Trees coming SOON!

Comments are always welcome:) Thanks for viewing!

A few additional renders showing the translucency and the full fall color change. This is just the Maple tree, sapling trees are also available on my Blender Market web page and many additional trees are still to come including Cottonwood, Linden, Oak. I’m also set to add pine trees of various species and bushes (scrubby and trimmed:) )

Notice the subtle variation in leaf color especially in the fall orange coloring. Advanced shader material makes this possible and keeps the variation going adding randomness of nature:)

Ok last one:) This is the Maple Tree and Various Sapling product studio display images.

Really amazing! Great work :smiley:

the first three images look like fotos :slight_smile: great work!

The first two images are very convincing, the last, not so much - not because of the quality of the models, but because forest floors usually have a lot of debris, dead leaves, sticks, branches, logs, that kind of junk… the third photo has the right amount of living vegetation, but not dead - or fungi, etc. I suppose that is out of scope for this stuff, but would be a good companion pack or something.

Overall though, very nice and very useful and very fair pricing.

Thanks for the kind words guys:) Kemmler I appreciate your feed back. I’d like to put out a ground debris pack in the future but right now I am focused on a solid tree library with some shrubs and bushes and possible some additional small vegetation. So I would say, all in good time my friend :slight_smile:

The 3rd image in your first post must’ve taken a loooooong time to render. They look great. Realism box is ticked :slight_smile:
What kind of graphics card do you have?

Wonderful work.

Very nice trees collection ! I will give a look at this thing ! Congratulations.

Thanks guys for the great feedback. I’m just trying to provide a useful product:) I know sapling is available in Blender but it has its downfalls…leaf bunching…difficult interface…no proper UV mapping… But I have a love for nature and I’d like to say it’s kinda my thing so I have spent much of my Blender experience learning how to create it and make it look natural.

I just want to remind everyone that I’m going for a reasonable amount of detail to create backgrounds and solid Archviz type renders and general vegetated environments. Eventually I’m going to move on to low res trees which I will optimize as much as possible while keeping as much realism and natural tree anatomy as possible:)

Make some adjustments to the sapling tree shaders:) Here are some update renders

The large scale test scene did take some time to render, I believe the poly count was around 200 million faces with the use of 6 particle systems. I believe at 2400x1200, 200 samples, it took 10 hours on CPU. My 2gig GPU doesn’t have the memory needed to render it:( But my test scene also includes cottonwood trees which are 350k faces each:eek: But that’s what it takes to make the scale of the tree look correct and achieve the best level of reasonable realism. Cottonwood trees and Linden trees are also coming down the pipe and should be up on Blender Market soon:)

I hit the upload limit per post:)

You might want to also consider a southern US tree pack… Palm trees, long leaf pine, magnolia, crate myrtle, cypress to name a few. These are wildly common and popular trees found in the south, but rarely do you see 3d models of many of these.

But the ones you have put together look very nice.

Everyone will hate me…
But you are not charging enough for stock at this level of perfection… :slight_smile:

Might I suggest the pay what you want model of pricing? If that is a option at your store. It could be very successful for a mesh like this.

Here is your road to success:
Many will pay way more than $5 because it is apparent to be worth much more than $5. The few who can’t don’t have to pay that much but will be a small minority. This economic model has the added benefit that everyone walks away happy.

For something like this the numbers have shown good results.

Just a idea

Thanks for the feed back guys:) Palm trees were definitely on the agenda. Of course I’m always looking for more to make so thanks for the info harleynut. etoven I really appreciate your kind words, I’m trying to make a solid professional product so I’m glad to hear it being seen that way. The Blender Market is a set price kinda of system but I like your idea…its much like the Blender Foundation donations.

Keep an eye out for pine trees, palm trees and bushes/shrubs they are the next on my product line list of things to do:)

A little peak at my pine tree models coming soon to Blender Market. Optimized for rendering and will include a snow alternate for wintery scenes if desired:) Three variations in pine tree species to create variation in color and shape. Comments are welcome:)