Anyway, the only thing important is blending, no?


that’s really cool!

kick ass guitar and concept!! good job dude!

this deserves five zorros: :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

Great idea and well done too! :slight_smile:

haha, great idea… Could use some work though.

cya henrik

very very nice, realy nice this one.

perhaps also post it at CGtalk so that they see that there are people who make amazing stuff with blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

nice job !!!
maybe you could do more with the floor and wall ( to make it more impressive)

Thanks for all, I think I’d must post it in the WIP section cause
in fact, it really needs a lot of job, but as I wanted only validate the concept, I didn’t work too much on it ( I’ve modelled the guitare a few monthes ago)
And for the CG talk, I don’t know where I can find it!
Anyway, I think I’m gonna continue to exlore the concept in different ways
Thanks again



Well where ever you end up with this concept, the concept itself is bloody impressive.

Would like to see what you end up doing with it.

This is a wicked idea, well modeled. I dig this kind of surealism.


very funny idea indeed, but I don’t like that wood texture on that table.
Otherwise very good modeling.

Sweet idea :slight_smile:

Reminds me of some Escher works where drawings came alive.


Yeah boy, we share the same references!! :wink: