BlendMaster's Contest: Into The Vortex: Particle Systems [Closed]

​​Hey Everyone! Welcome to my NEW monthly contests. I plan on hosting these contests once a month so that all of you can be challenged to improve your skills as well as your artwork in a fun and creative way. Each month, the contest will have a different topic/theme that is selected by the champion of the previous contest. This month’s topic will be, Into The Vortex , a.k.a particle systems. The idea is to create a render using a particle system as the main focus of the scene as well as a force field that acts upon the system/s. There are no restrictions as to what your renders can be, so long as there is at least one particle system and one force field used. If it is not clear in your render how the particle system and force field were used, please explain on your post on the blenderartist page.

Please share this contest with everyone so that we can hopefully grow the size of these contests. Specific rules and guidelines for the contest can be found on my website here:

Only one submission is allowed per participant. After you submit your image here with your name, within the next 24 hours, I will upload it to the contest page. All submissions are due prior to September 26th, 2018. The winner will be announced on September 29th, 2018.

The winner of this contest, if they would like, can have a time-lapse video, breakdown video, or step-by-step process of the creation of the final image featured on my website until the end of the next contest. Hopefully, as these contests grow more popular, I will be able to provide a better reward. So happy blending everyone, and please share this with everyone you can so that we can get as many participants as possible.

Can I have a character with particles being emitted from him as a weapon or something? Or would this count as the particles not being the main focus?

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If you could manage to make the particles/weapon the focus of the render with the character more in the background, that would be perfectly fine.

My entry:

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Particles is flying blocks and blue spark. Red is reflection. Force field is wind up and field around to push. Excuse english

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Here’s my entry!
The vortex is made up of a particle system and is being influenced by a vortex force field.
The white beam and stars are made from separate particle systems and are not being influenced by any force field.
I used a glare node in Blender’s compositor on the stars.
I used GIMP to blur and darken the edges/corners of the final render image.

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Using several torus objects as emitter and a weak force field at the center pushing the asteroids outward. Rendered with Cycles 256 samples plus compositing in Blender.

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