Okey this is my first attempt to use the sequencer at all, and it actuallycame out really really good. So I had a quick idea to do a quick composit and it looked so great it’s now my wallpaper on linux.:slight_smile:

Should I post this in the Blenderartists forum gallery? I’m sure alot of people would like this new wallpaper to add to their wallpaper collection.

Any comments please?

If you want I can post the .blend file here too.


only moderators can put threads in the gallery, fyi. the color scheme isn’t really my taste. not bad with blues and greens maybe…

Like it. Should be orange and blue for blender tho

Not exactly gallery material (a cube…) Though it does make a great wallpaper… Thanks man!

hmmm… I’ll try different color scemes.

I’ll post some updates

I know I have seen a cube like that somewhere…
Its cousin lives on my desktop:p .
I like the composition but the colors are to bright for me. I think it would look nice if some of it were glass.