BlendRoid's Digital Paintings

I’ve only painted a couple things in my life, compared to probably thousands of drawings, and all of them are crap. However, I just tried out painting in GIMP with the new brush system and came up with the bunny monster below. :eyebrowlift: Then after watching Spongebob later, I was inspired to paint my favorite character of all time doing what he does best: laughing maniacally. :evilgrin:

Today, I painted my next favorite character (on Spongebob anyway), Squidward, and decided to paint it in the style of his own paintings.

All of these I am proud to say were done with just a mouse and keyboard. I actually did Plankton on my laptop using a broken USB mouse (the left button doesn’t work), so I had to use a combination of the mouse and the laptop buttons.

I have found painting in GIMP is really awesome and fun and I will post any more I do on this thread, if anybody would like to see.:smiley: I am also working on my website which will display ALL of my artwork (that’s worth showing), not just GIMP paintings.


(bump) Right now I’m painting Mr. Incredible fighting that corn guy. Pretty busy though, so it might not be up for a while.

sweet plankton

not a post you see everyday…