BlendText Sneak Preview

Hi All,

I am working on a new python script for Blender 2.49.2. It allows you to control, animate and layout text in ways previously not available.

I thought I’d upload a sneak peak at some of the results.

Render time of first image is 6:48 on 3.0Ghz quad with 8Gb ram using Blender internal renderer…


The script is coming along. Here are some of the features:

Multi-line text.
Left,Center and Right justification.
Layout standard or on a curve.
Per-Word or Per-Character object generation.
Full font and line spacing.
Separate bevel and extrusion for cap and base.
Effector support that displaces LOC/ROT/SCALE.
A material for each variation in the font. Base,Cap,Effector Inner, Effector Outer.
Continuous update from GUI or frame change event.

The font object in the image were all generated, placed, textured and animated by the BlendText script.

The script is released here: