BlendWeekly YouTube Channel


(blengineer) #1

Hi Blenderers!

I just started a weekly challenge channel for everyone in the Blender community, hosted on YouTube.

Check it out here!

Our goal is to provide free publicity to artists via a casual talk-show style channel that shares the work that artists create, gives some C&C, and also provides links to their social media handles to help put their faces out there. I am doing this with some help from a few creators and I offer my time and efforts completely free with no ads or other promotions. We just started this month so you can already see the results of the first few weeks (only have a few people participating so far but I feel like that might be because no one knows about it).

Similar to what is done here on the forum, I’m hoping to have the challenges be completely user-driven with the artists and fans voting on their favorites every week.

How is it different from other challenges?

  • The challenges follow a monthly theme approach where all the work is based around a similar theme. This allows artists to put together a bit more of a portfolio of work and to explore some ideas in more depth.
  • The challenges start off super easy and then increase in difficulty. I sort of modeled this after the idea of how crossword puzzles work. The hope is that this helps bring new artists in and then pushes them to improve their skills over the month.
  • The challenges are not always focused on modeling. I’ve found that almost all challenges out there are focused on developing a few specific skills… sculpting, speed modeling, etc. but I feel that limits creativity. If you can demonstrate experience in a wider breadth of areas, you will be more employable.
  • The challenges have clear criteria to determine the winner each week which helps to make the judging process a bit more transparent.

Please take a look. Feel free to provide suggestions, criticism, etc. here or on the channel itself. I want to continue to help this grow in the direction that works for everyone. If you think this is a terrible idea, tell me! If you like what i’m doing, subscribe! Lastly, if you want to contact me directly about the channel or you want to submit an entry please do so via [email protected].

And, as always, have a blenderful day!