Blengine goes open source!!

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breaking news!! well no, nuthing was broken in the bringing of this news…

oh hey,
i uploaded a bunch of my blends for dowload at my site,

im constantly adding stuff to my site so check back every now and again =)


oh and thanks to ztonzy for the topic idea =)

(jsplifer) #2

:o WOW!

Looks Awesome! Can’t wait to play some more of your blender games.
Very nice work!!!


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jay splife! i dont get to talk to u much lately =(

thanks for the comps.! =D

(mthoenes) #4

Great Site----

(9) #5

Mazette!! I never saw your site before. Your blends are definitely amazing (for those who didn’t know yet!!).
Nice and excellent idea to share yours. Does compilation hurts? :wink:

(By the way, It appears that I am a child of Funk, fun thing… So thank you also for thr Hunting tips! héhé!)



(BgDM) #6

DUDE! Thanks for the links. Great stuff. I always wondered about your lighting. Now I know. :wink:


(Caronte) #7

Hi, mate!
Your work is ever awesome, everybody can learn from you (IMHO you are the best Blender artist woldwide).
Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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Your work is ever awesome, everybody can learn from you (IMHO you are the best Blender artist woldwide).

wow, thats quite a compliment! i dont feel that i deserve it, but its as big as compliments get, thank u :smiley:
im my honest opinion, i think the best blenders are rob debrichy, dickie, @ndy, and [email protected] =)

hey 9, whats your vampire name?

(9) #9
  1. I’m called Unfein, and I think I do not honor the Clan (only one child)…

(0ptikz) #10

Urk! have people forgotten about Shige? He kicks EVERYONES ass :wink:


Wonderful stuff dude, It is always good to see how other people create things.

Kudos on the site design too… :wink:

(malefico) #11

Great stuff Chris !

I only miss some MaStA work here… :smiley:

About the “Best Blender Artist Worlwide”, I agree with you and [email protected] So, [email protected] besides of being one of the best, he’s a very humble one !

Thanx Blengine for getting GPL’ed !


(sten) #12

hey imgranpaboy !! :smiley:

hehe, nice to see my name be mentioning :wink:

I will take a look at your amazing stuff,
would rock to get hands on your secrets :wink:


(kaktuswasse) #13

yeahh… I wAnNa Se3 Da MasTa StUfF! :stuck_out_tongue:
It was so cool :smiley:

Great, that you did that! I LOVE (yes LOVE) your work!
It’s so sad that you stop cg :frowning:

cya henrik