BlenMaJu v1.0 FREE rigged character available for download!

Hi nice blender people! My first rigged character, BlenMaJu , is done and as I promised before it’s available for everyone to download and use.:yes:
It’s my first shot and rather simple , But you may like it.You can read more about it in my blog here .
You also can download the blend file here and see the art posters gallery here.
If you like it , please support me with your comments , feedbacks and reviews in my blog.:o

cool rig thanks for donating it to the community

Blog feed added to Planet Blender.


thanks for comment rexprime.

Thanks for support nathan. I’ve added your site to my blog roll too.

so you’ve released it. nice, I’ll have a look at it soon.

i think i MUST post it again. TOO FEW comments…!