BlenRig v 1.2 is out with new Cartoon BlenRig!!

Hi guys!!

I´ve released a new version of my ´´ShapeKeys Free´´ rig, BlenRig.



BlenRig 1.2 and the new Cartoon BlenRig 1.2 are out.

The release includes a new BlenRig Essential Tips Manual, in which I give some in depth explanation on how to adjust BlenRig and Cartoon BlenRig to new models. (check the BlenRig Manual first…)

1.2 New Features:

_Constraints have all been cleaned up.

_Compatible with Blender 2.44/45 and SVN.

_New Visual design with lots of new controllers that make things easier.

_ New DOUBLE IK system for the Spine that resembles Full Body IK!!

What about Cartoon BlenRig v 1.2??

Well, Cartoon BlenRig is just a simplified version of BlenRig 1.2. It has exactly the same features that BlenRig 1.2 has, but its proportions are changed, and it has a simplified shoulder mechanism, as BlenRig´s shoulder controllers are really too complex for cartooney or cylinder like arms (I think many people will like this better than BlenRig´s shoulders, which are aimed for realistic muscle deformation).

Plus, it comes with ready to use and fully rigged eyes, eyelids and eyebrows!!

Double IK Spine system:

BlenRig v 1.2 comes with what I think could be called DOUBLE IK spine system. Basically it has two different Ik chains, which controllers are ´´Inter-Parented´´ (sorry for the weird term). This allows you to control the movement of the spine just with 2 main controllers, and all the other segments of the spine bend automatically.

Well, too much publicity for me. Go and try it, I hope you like it and you can start using it.

Check the Gallery too!! it´s been updated with some Blender and non Blender related work I´ve done!!

Hope you like this release!!

Direct Links (in case you´re having trouble entering my site):


Cartoon BlenRig

BlenRig Manual

BlenRig Essential Tips

great work

looks good, might use this in future projects

your links are broke

Try again, it does not seem to be down now.

Why do you host your files on that crappy download service?

Cause last time I released BlenRig my site was shut down for a month due to exceeding download limits…More than 30GB…

That´s why I´m only hosting BlenRig´s Blend files now, and all the other files are available through rapidshare and desiload.

Hey dude, nice one, interesting idea for an IK system, doesn’t exactly work as I’d expect, (the arms don’t stay pinned and the spine doesn’t affect the shoulders, but I’m really liking the idea of checking out what all these bones do.
I found a quick “bug” though…

the rotation controllers for the knees and elbows, they are not ment to move or scale are they? they don’t seem to drive anything anyway. Might be a good idea to lock their location and scale in the N transform property window.

For a hosting service you could also try mediamax and mediashare.
I’m rather liking mediamax, it’s becoming my alternative to polorix.
I started hosting there because of your’s and Tim’s advice to find other hosts, and well, mediamax seems to work good…

Hi Freaky!! The rotation controllers are not meant to move or scale, that´s correct. they are to be rotated in order to rotate the arms and knees IK chain. You´ll see they work perfectly fine.

Concerning the Full Body Ik, as I told you I´m not interested in having a controller that moves the whole body. But, I think you can follow the mechanism I developed and apply the same principle to other parts of the Body.

If you want the arms to stay pinned change the parent relationship of the arm Ik controller. It is parented to the spine, but if you parent the controller to the master bone the arms will stay in place when you move the torso. You may also need to parent the Elbow rotation controllers to the master bone.

Oh I see what you mean about locking the scale and location of the elbow controllers!! It´s a very good Idea!! Thanks FreakyDude!

You know, such a cool stuff you can easy upload on the Official BlenderWiki! :yes:

Firefox can’t find the server at

Just added the direct links to the files (first post of the thread).

Thanks Popski!! I´ve created an account in the BlenderWiki, but that doesn´t seen to be enough for uploading…Do I have to ask for editing permission and create my own page in the wiki in order to upload files??

I’ve added YouTube links to some of the gallery videos.

Just tell me what username do you have there!

The user name is…jpbouza.

You mean Jpbouza, right? :rolleyes:

You can now edit BlenderWiki & upload files. Good luck! :smiley:

Just to say- the cartoon blenrig is THE nicest Blender rig to use that I have …used.:yes:

I need to get a rar unpacker before I use the real thing though - unless you decide to post to the wiki uncompressed (hint (yep I’m lazy) )

I could give you some bandwidth for this if you like - place the files again on my web-space.

rig looks good but how will it function on a carictor with clothes?. im having huge problems rigging the shoulders/ arms in general on my carictor. curently macking my own rig, using shape keys.