Blenses problem

Hi all!
I am trying to matching a scene. I took blenses but it seem to not work on my mac. :eek:
It say three error.

  1. Script require a camera to run.
  2. Please select a camera and make it the current camera
  3. not found see documentation

This is really weird because I have a camera wich is current I suppose because I have only one.
I put my bpydata folder in the script folder. maybe this is the error?
Can you help me please?

(sorry for my really bad english i’m french canadian)

Oh I found the solution! You have to show the hidden files on mac and showing the blender application package to put the script there. :smiley:

Hi, there’s a trick to installing this script.

There are three files included in the ZIP archive,,, and BLensProfiles.cfg . The first two should be placed in the default scripts folder for your Blender installation, usually …Blender.blender\scripts</b> .The third should be placed in the folder provided for Blender Registry Keys, usually …Blender.blender\scripts\bpydata\config</b> . The script is designed to notify you if these files cannot be found. is registered to appear in the Blender Scripts menu under the Wizards category.

glad you figured it out. :slight_smile: